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The ability to generate novel and creative solutions to technical problems is one of our greatest strengths.  We tackle projects involving modifications to existing equipment/processes  and those requiring "clean sheet" concepts addressing challenges in a broad array of industries.  Most importantly, our creativity is firmly grounded in an awareness of what can be made efficiently and cost-effectively.
Our degreed engineers are always eager for new challenges.  By applying sound engineering fundamentals to just about any problem, we generate value across a broad array of markets.  Whether  you need engineering analysis, CAD design work, or a new piece of custom equipment designed, we can likely help.
Roughly 75% of our manufacturing capacity is dedicated to "job shop" work for components made to our customers' prints.  The balance is utilized for in-house projects for which Basis Solutions has engineered a product per a customer's need.  Processes we offer include:
  • CNC milling
  • CNC turning
  • water jet plate products
  • welding - GMAW, FCAW, TIG
  • general fabrication
  • assembly
We bring maximum value to our clients when we can focus all of our services on your challenges.  The process is easier than our customers initially think.